Be Proud of Yourself

Be proud of yourself.

Let your passion kill you. Be angry, mad, arrogant, stupid. Be impatient, believe this world is numb, people are slowing you down because they think they know better but they are full of insecurities. F* them, push them, walk on them. Do it yourself!

You have no time its now or never.

Don’t rest, don’t quit, forget to eat, forget about the hot brunette smiling at you at the cafeteria! At least for now 🙂 forget about sex, about parties, about being cool.

Lift weights, heavier weights (keep proper form), give 100% in what excites you. Don’t think about how much money you will get, sweat, cry in pain, be lonely but standstill, the wind is blowing, nature seems to try to stop you, Listen to that small voice: it’s getting louder and louder. Don’t let anyone tell you there is something you can’t do.  Not even me! Not even your family or your friends. You can feel their doubts, their fear, they don’t recognize you anymore! Are you possessed ? You are burning unstoppable you are Superman! you can do anything. What! another obstacle? you fall? ARE YOU CRYING! don’t cry to quit. You are just a BUM! Listen to your guts, bleed, don’t sleep start over and over again, look at them in the eyes. They start to doubt. You got the Eye of the Tiger! They are bleeding they are human after all! you are on your knees again but you keep going. They are stronger, richer, they get the girls, and you are have only the smooth voice ! ahah …But they lack one thing: THE WILL to bend the Universe at your favour.

Don’t give up until everything seems easy. Until you are a Starboy, until nothing affects you anymore haters, money, goldiggers you know they are wasting your time and time my friend…Oh time is not money: they didn’t get it:

Time is everything. Can you hear the clock ticking…clic.clic.clic

So what are you gonna do ? 

Hope this will pump you out!

Repeat to yourself every time you are doubting : YOU CAN DO IT only 4 words. YOU CAN DO IT. What do you need to say ? Ok you got it.

Now again in front of the mirror. Smile. You are what you are. You can’t change what you are in a matter of seconds but you can definitely transform the way you are thinking. Create the confidence, challenge yourself!

Here is my confidence challenge for today : ask a random person for the time…and where did he or she? found his/her watch. Then keep socializing my friend.

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