On my journey to become Bukowsky, I went to California. Looking for a Solution on how to write like him but imagination would tome.

I couldn’t make the connection,put the dots the coma. Where where you Bukowski? How can I get everything, the girls the booze the wit, the flair, the game and oh how can i live the californication dream!

He didn’t hear me? No one did. So I turned to everyone like a desperate bum. And when you are a bum my friend! oh I know you want to be a King for a day but imagine being a BUM! You are just a BUM Rocky!!!! ahhaah everyone laughs at you ah señor Geronte aahahah you are cray insane go get a job make money like everyone else…

Yes when you have a black card they open their legs smile at everything you say you eat for free! Chicks for free but oh ! Sorry i had to take a shit and eat cereal first oh where to start. Sorry i got confused what did you say again?

You see you don’t listen you are busy!! busy what that mean! it means you don’t listen to you muse? What muse? Who am I talking to? Get out of my head i am not insane!! ahahahah relax.

Breathe, go to Luxembourg garden alone when the others are sleeping. Experience. Let them think you are weird because, weird my little friend, weird is just a word, like everything on this planet is just an illusion… So don’t let them be the master of your dream. Be the master and create your dream… But hey this is not a dream?

When you start BELIEVING in yourself: Your Life = dream. Cool no ?

Success is a bitch…you give everything for your passion. only a few among us make a living from it but hey have you really found your passion in life ? I did. I want to by myself. So i am taking off the mask. Now you see me.

I am Bruce Wayne, I am the Batman. CLAP CLAP CLAP. End of class 🙂  SUCESS is calling finally! I was starting to be hungry! now give me the money oh wait I have nowhere to put it! because you know that i have found my passion, now that i have made my journey. I don t need your money because I got it in here :):)

SHARE the love guys, art is almost dead. Art is dying but we can save art, art is free, art is beauty and beauty is happiness. Sleep. Look at the sky close your eyes don’t listen to the noise around the Universe is talking to you. Finally, you are who you are, not Bukowski, not Moliere, not Dali, not Adrian Grenier, not Batman. You are your own drug. You are YOU.

Now go live your Californian dream. It’s time to eat the fruits from your garden. You know the one you planted so hard for years while the others where to BUSY to experience life. Now look at them looking at you. They think you are the bad guy and hate you! But deep down they just want to be like you.

So forget their ignorance because ignorance hurts more than Hate. Hate is love my friend. Its just a lack of attention. Give them what they want. share your garden with them and teach them to look at the outcast again. To respect the poor and share their wealth. Because this is SUCESS, THIS IS RICH : this is happiness. Happiness  is in you. It’s a warm gun. Shoot it to everyone and then you can close your eyes and see the clouds coming.

I can t alway get what I want but what if I could? Then I could knock on heaven’s doors and rest for eternity leave my print, my work, my message. COMPLETE. For this life to keep flowing and our planet. I can sacrifice that body, that mind. The world diserves it. I am the one and only, i am a LEGEND. I am Clint. Still here 🙂

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