Rules of the nutrition club

Hey guys,

For those who are looking to gain some knowledge on nutrition I will like to share what I’ve learned so far.

First rule of the nutrition club : never guess calories always use an app like my (very easy to use it takes like 2 minutes per day and makes you relax about eating). Let your ego aside.

Second rule: calories are calories. If you need 2400 calories, doesn’t matter what you eat (think about all the skinny hot girls eating burgers and pizza ahahh while the “big boned” are eating salad ahaahah). So it’s good to eat healthy 80% of the time I believe. Doesn’t matter what time you eat.

Third rule: Cardio doesn’t make you lose fat. It burns calories and it’s a good help to eat more when you are cutting (eating less calories than what your body needs). You can do shadow boxing, walking like a monkey (tarzan) sprinting (in paris go next to champs de mars). The importance is INTENSITY. It builds muscle and shocks your body better. Think about sprinters vs marathonians. For cool calisthenic and climbing you can go under the pont de grenelle (close to the french statue of liberty) there is some public workout equipment.

Menu: this is if you do weight training and cardio 4-5 times a week. Adapt your diet accordingly:

Morning: 1 scoop of protein shake, 4 egg white (cooked with pam oil spray) with 30g oatmeal + 2 scoop apple sauce + a bit of fat (one tea spoon of peanut butter optional an only if you work out regularly)

Snack : I train in the morning so one scoop of Myprotein with whole milk or you can try performance whey apparently 30g of protein per scoop.  Depending on your macros you can add some cottage cheese (a few tea spoons) maybe a square or two of Lindt dark chocolate 85%. Fruit if you want after workout. Up to you.

Lunch: I usually go for the classic chicken (150g) and rice/pasta (important to weigh your cooked rice. I bought a kitchen scale from the store Boulanger in Paris. And veggies. I usually try to eat the meat first thing and the veggies and carbs in the end (not exactly like that but you get the idea).

Snack: one scoop of myprotein with some whole milk (like a cup) one piece of whole wheat bread

Dinner: Steak with potatoes I go to Hippopotamus in Paris (like 2-3 potatoes medium size should be around 200g) and green beans. Or you can go for a Sushi Shop meal around 25-30 sushi salmon and tuna it’s healthy aahah and algues are good for digestion 🙂

Cheat meal: it’s what fitness people call meals to ease up on their diet. Fries are very calories dense, try to avoid. Pizza are ok, a good Napoli style like Forno di Napoli in Paris. Bagel from Bagelstein (you can do for lunch i guess it’s healthy but just add 1 scoop of myprotein).

Hope you enjoyed

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