Cold shower challenge – 10 days

So i just started a cold shower challenge and I will update this post regularly!

Day 1: it was super cold in Paris so taking a cold shower was tough! but I did it! seriously you get so much energy after that you don’t regret doing it! do it!

Benefits: more energy, courage and you will feel proud of yourself!

Day 3: So you don;t have to go full beast :). You can actually go lukewarm first than go to cold no problem, no one is gonna judge you!

Day 5: I rewarded myself with a Lush shower soap ! It felt good. I took the comforter one that I bought in Bruxelles. The cassis smell is great!

Day 10: It’s over! finally. It was a great experience and I decided to regularly take cold showers. This helped me be more courageous and to use less warm water to shower!

Tip: Keep going cold but start lukewarm if it is too difficult. 

How about you ? Are you going to try it ? Let me know how it goes.

My Instagram account:  chris_gtn_fitness/

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