How to build inner confidence

Inner confidence confidence comes from yourself.

There is a misconception between inner confidence and given confidence and actually it’s better to have inner confidence than given confidence because when you have given confidence you’re waiting for the others to give you approval.

With inner her confidence, you are going to work every aspect of your life to be successful to be happy. With given confidence the problem is that you going to wait for people to tell you, you look good, you are charming, you’re interesting, I love you, and this is not going to happen because people are not really drawn by someone who is expecting something from them (approval). People are drawn by someone who inspire them to be stronger, richer more successful. So if you’re taking the opposite way and then trying to get approval from people, it’s not gonna give you confidence of course, it helps to have approval, to have people liking you but you shouldn’t rely on this.

Take movie stars for example. Actors, yes, they seem confident. They seem like everyone love them but inside, deep down they aren’t. Because they haven’t build the inner confidence for most of them. You know, they they were casted, they started movies and became famous. They’re living in a little bubble. People who have struggled in the beginning had to build this confidence because others told them, family, friends, you are not going to do it, it’s impossible.

So you get lonely in this journey. When you’re lonely, you have nothing to lose. And when you have nothing to lose you get more confident because you know that there’s only one way to succeed and it’s your way. When you have this state of mind, then, it’s actually very good for you. you don’t care and you are going to be confident in many aspects of your life you will be sure that this is the right thing to do. You won’t be waiting for approval.

When you don’t wait for approval, you try things and you make your mistakes. You do something you see what happens (don’t don’t hurt people of course) but do something. Start an internet business. Start something. See what’s the feedback from your potential client. You are looking for FEEDBACK not approval. And that’s how you build confidence. You try something you see what happens and if it works then you keep going and you’ll find something. And if it doesn’t it’s just trying. It’s like you’re throwing a basketball inside a net. If you miss then you keep trying. Different angles, positions.

That’s the goal in life. Be confident and believe in yourself. At any age, any given adversity you might face. The rules are meant to be broken. There are no rules. You make your own rules. That’s how you become confident. And of course don’t be scared about rejection or failing. Rejection is just insecurity.

I’m I’m at the point where I don’t give a damn about negative or standardized people you know. I’m happy to see someone with a different opinion who tries different things. If he’s happy like that, let this person make mistakes or fail. Sometimes they do succeed and people respect you only when you succeeded. You know, when you become rich or whatever they call success but they don’t respect you when you start from the bottom. So that’s a very important aspect of building your confidence because you can only count on yourself and that’s what I like inner confidence and inner confidence it’s gonna help you in every aspect of your life. Work, relationships, money and that’s the SECRET. Only everyone know it.

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