How to lose fat in 3 steps

In short use Science.

1) Get your daily caloric needs using an online calculator and use a fitness application such as myfitnesspal. Track your calories and write down your calories. This should take five minutes per day maximum.

2) You don’t need a meal plan but you should build your “macro”. Basically it is how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you need per day. I recommend a breakdown like of 35% protein, 50% carbs and 15% fat is feasible. You can use myfitnesspal to tailor your macro. For weightlifters it’s recommend to get 2g of protein per kilo (your weight) or around 1 pound of protein per body pound. So for me I am slightly above the protein need: 180cm, 80kg 180g protein per day (I use myprotein powder to reach my goal). The reason is mainly because I feel full after eating protein whereas carbs and fats enough are not sufficient, they are just fuel for your body. Protein builds muscle.

3) How to lose weight: adjust your calories weekly. Use a body fat scale everyday at the same time of the day and write down your weight and body fat. Don’t freak out! make a weekly average. The body fat will change with the amount of water in your body! You should aim at loosing 1kg-2kg per week max.

Each week see if your weight is going down. If not, lower calories by 200 (if your total calories was 2000 per day, go to 1800 calories). Or if you can’t eat less, add some cardio (walking, running whatever makes you happy). Cardio will help you eat more! Not lose weight. Cardio burns calories not fat! To burn fat you have to lower your calorie intake.

You should see results quickly. Don’t crave! If you feel numb add more calories and go for a walk (myfitnesspal has a steps count option).

For more, check my youtube video:


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Good luck!


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