What is Fitness really about?

It’s a battle between your genetics and fitting fitness into your schedule. 

Often I am asked how do I get this celebrity/athete/actor’s physique ? …. And fast ?

I usually reply 2 things:

  • Don’t try to look like someone else. You don’t have the same genetics and time to get to their physique. Use their results as an inspiration to keep going but trying to reach someone’s goals will often lead to frustration, quitting or worse: using enhancement drugs and harming your body. Have realistic goals, educate yourself and plan your nutrition and work outs
  • Fitness is a journey, a marathon and not a sprint! Enjoy the journey, it’s a batlle against yourself and your past you. Enjoy being fitter than yesterday, than last month, year, etc…

Overall, I would say that the majority of the people who started and quit fitness, started for the wrong reasons and wrong goals in mind. They thought it would be easy and they followed many “get a body like X in 2 weeks” program. So many things are wrong in the fitness industry and it needs to be regulated. ISSA certified PTs for instance are a good start. So much money is spent on useless and sometimes dangerous weight loss or muscle gain programs and this needs to stop.

Mentally stronger and proud

The first goal of fitness is feeling good and stronger mentally. You’ve already won the biggest battle if you feel do. Having a gym routine will put you in a state of comfort, and empowrement. It might just be 45 min 2-3 times a week but can improve every aspects of your life drastically. You eat better, plan better, make right decisions, take care of your body and you’ll become stronger to peer presssure such as drinking (binge drinking) and bad eating habits (watching a game while eating a greasy pizza… it’s ok to do it but with moderation and a balanced diet though).

Being the best version of yourself

You’ll never be perfect and I can guarantee you that the people you admire the most have more insecurities than you can imagine. But you can be better than yesterday. Leaner, more muscular than yourself a while ago! Isn’t it the best possible motivation ? I lift heavier than a month ago. I have more energy, focus, confidence than a week ago. I am a totally different person (in a positive way) than 6 months ago. But you will never be satisfied! So this is the time to tell yourself: you are doing great. Thank your “past YOU” for sweating and making the efforts and enjoy your life.

Life is too short to have unrealistic expectations. Be strong 🙂

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